You can be part of this adventure. To make PRT operational in Milpitas in 2025, support from many sources will be needed. We urge you to spread the word about PRT technology and the Milpitas PRT project. As more people become aware of this project, it arrives quicker and easier. So share your vision with others.


If you know someone in the foundation
and grant-giving business, please continue reading.

We looked into over 150 foundations as candidates to fund the Milpitas PRT project. This research has surfaced the facts that 1) only 2% of global philanthropic funding is committed to solving the climate crisis, and 2) only 10% of foundations accept unsolicited grant proposals, requests, or letters of inquiry. Thus, our target market for grants is only 0.2% of foundation money (far smaller than expected in the LoopWorks Business Plan).


With your help, we can shift those odds in our favor. If you know someone working in any of the following foundations, please recommend the Milpitas PRT project and this website to them. We trust that they will pass it along to the right person(s). Any effort is appreciated.


If you participate in a LinkedIn network, that is a great tool for finding connections you didn’t know you had. Good luck to all of us!

Plug into the Milpitas PRT Project.

If you are among the few who want to do more, "get in where you fit in." Here are 3 specific ways to support the Milpitas PRT project:

  1. Write a letter of support to the Milpitas City Council.
  2. Donate to the project and become a Community Member.
  3. Cultivate additional members: Anchor Members that own property in the Transit Area, and Foundation Members that can provide grant funding to design and build the project. Both types of members will need education about the project. We would love for you to connect us to those you know!

We’ve already waited too long to deal with this climate crisis. We see it with our own eyes. We feel it. We know it in our bones. And it’s time to act.” -- Pres. Biden

Get Connected!

Receive email updates.

Write a letter of support.

Since being presented to the City Council on March 19, 2019, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) proposing a BART Circulator Project in the Transit Area of Milpitas has received the following letters of support.

If you would like to send a letter of support directly to Council, contact information for each of the 5 individual Council members is at
If you email them, be sure to send a copy to the City Clerk, Wendy Wood, (408) 586-3001,, so it gets into the Council packet.

If you want your letter listed below, send a copy to

Become a Community Member

Any person or organization may become a Community Member through one of these ways:

  1. Residents of Milpitas and businesses headquartered in Milpitas can become members with voting privileges by donating $100 or more to LoopWorks for the creation and operation of the Milpitas PRT;

  2. People and organizations residing outside Milpitas that donate $1000 or more for the creation and operation of the Milpitas PRT can become voting members upon approval by the Board.

  3. Milpitas residents can become members with voting privileges by donating 5 hours of work that help create the Milpitas PRT. Qualifying residents will report when they worked, what they worked on, and their results – all of which will be included in the data made available to the public.

Checks made out to LoopWorks can be mailed to 1421 Yellowstone Ave., Milpitas, CA 95035-6913. Or pay online through PayPal.


Cultivate Anchor Members and Foundation Members

Any person or organization may become a Foundation Member by donating $60,000 or more to LoopWorks for the creation and operation of the Milpitas PRT. Donations exceeding $60,000 do not entitle a Foundation Member to any additional votes or powers. While an initial list of foundations can be found in the Funding Request section of the business plan, supporters may encourage any aligned foundation to consider the Milpitas PRT project.

Any property owner may become an Anchor Member by granting the necessary easements to build and operate the Milpitas PRT system. Obviously, only owners of property where guideway is located can become Anchor Members. As the system grows to serve more of Milpitas, more property owners become eligible. For now, encourage the following property owners to support the Milpitas PRT:

  1. Santa Clara County Roads and Airports Department (Montague Expy.)

  2. Santa Clara Valley Water District (Penitencia Creek - East Channel)

  3. Valley Transportation Authority (BART Transit Hub, LRT crossings)

  4. Great Mall owner Simon Property Group

  5. Courtyard by Marriott Milpitas Silicon Valley

  6. TownePlace Suites by Marriott Milpitas Silicon Valley

  7. Flextronics (Westcore Properties)

  8. Parc Metro HOA

  9. City of Milpitas


More than 60 percent of the area projected to be urban in 2030 has yet to be built. This presents unprecedented opportunities to vastly improve global sustainability … Cities have a large potential to generate innovations and governance tools and therefore can—and must—take the lead in sustainable development.” -- Cities and Biodiversity Outlook, A Global Assessment of the Links between Urbanization, Biodiversity, and Ecosystem Services