Spreading Power by Spreading Ownership

LoopWorks is spreading power by using a decentralized governance structure where Members guide our priorities and activities. We prioritize decentralized governance because it builds people power, creates resiliency, and fosters a strong sense of ownership which activates people to build and steward our commons for the long-term. The activities of LoopWorks will therefore be spread out among small groups, grassroots teams, or committees that will be accountable to the whole. As a guide, we will use “Reinventing Organizations” by Frederic Laloux which describes examples of decentralized organizations.

LoopWorks has 4 kinds of Members

  • Foundation Members provide capital and primary funding.

  • Anchor Members provide property easements.

  • Community Members provide small contributions and represent the community.

  • Worker Members provide technical, operational, and organizing support to all other Members.

Things to know about Members

  • It’s possible for Members to be two or more types of Members at once, meaning they have the rights and responsibilities of those two or more member types, including the right to cast a single vote from each type in elections.

  • Organizations and businesses that are Members get only one vote, regardless of how many people work for or own that organization or business.

  • A “Member” is legally a member of LoopWorks, Inc.

  • A member can only transfer their membership interest to a person or entity that 1) is not already a member, and 2) meets the criteria for the type of membership being transferred.

  • Members must be at least 12 years old.

Becoming a Foundation Member

Any person or organization may become a Foundation Member by donating $60,000 or more to LoopWorks for the creation and operation of the Milpitas PRT. Donations exceeding $60,000 do not entitle a Foundation Member to any additional votes or powers. These are the Foundation Members of record:

  1. ...
  2. ...


Becoming an Anchor Member

Any property owner may become an Anchor Member by granting the necessary easements to build and operate the Milpitas PRT system. These are the Anchor Members of record:

  1. ...


Becoming a Worker Member

Any person may become a Worker Member by working for LoopWorks as an employee for a minimum of 500 hours over the course of at least 12 months. The Board and Worker Members, together and at their discretion, may approve as a Worker Member someone who works the threshold number of hours for LoopWorks alongside or in close collaboration with the employees of LoopWorks in a non-employee capacity. These are the Worker Members of record: 

  1. Robert Means, 1421 Yellowstone Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035
  2. ...


Becoming a Community Member

Any person or organization may become a Community Member through one of these ways:

  • Residents of Milpitas and businesses headquartered in Milpitas can become members with voting privileges by donating $100 or more to LoopWorks for the creation and operation of the Milpitas PRT;

  • People and organizations residing outside Milpitas that donate $1000 or more for the creation and operation of the Milpitas PRT can become voting members upon approval by the Board.

  • Milpitas residents can become members with voting privileges by donating 5 hours of work that helps create the Milpitas PRT. Qualifying residents will report when they worked, what they worked on, and their results – all of which will be included in the data made available to the public.

Checks made out to LoopWorks can be mailed to 1421 Yellowstone Ave., Milpitas, CA 95035-6913. Or pay online through PayPal.


To become a Community Member by donating 5 hours of work, contact us at info@MilpitasPRT.com.

These are the Community Members of record: