High levels of transparency are essential to the accountability and functioning of organizations like LoopWorks that employ highly participatory decision-making processes. Thus, financial, strategic and operational information will be readily available to stakeholders. Follow the links below for PDF versions of documents.

Foundational Documents

LoopWorks stands upon the shoulders of other people's work.

Doughnut Economics

Economics for a Sustainable World

  • Doughnut Economics offers a radically new compass for guiding global development, government policy, and corporate strategy, and sets new standards for what economic success looks like. (See image.)
  • Awakening the Dreamer is an online video course that  looks at the challenging state of the world, and helps one discover opportunities to create a new future.

  • Reinventing Organizations” by Frederic Laloux presents examples of decentralized organizations and how they work.

Legal Documents

Business Documents

Presentation Documents/Videos

Procedures and Forms

Grant Applications