LoopWorks Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Project

Bringing PRT to Milpitas - and the world!
mailer-msft-merge PRT cabs glide on elevated guideways.
FresnoBallPark-p16-01b-print Small guideways allow for convenient routing.
station-and-guideway PRT stations are small and off the main line.
station-2nd-floor PRT stations can be inside buildings.
PRT cabs accommodate all of us. PRT cabs accommodate all of us.
PRT cabs accommodate wheel chairs, bicycles and baby strollers. PRT cabs accommodate wheel chairs, bicycles and baby strollers.

Loopworks hopes the Milpitas advanced transit project will be a see, touch and ride inspiration to change the way transportation is viewed in cities across the world. It starts with a Mission to "Provide climate-friendly and easy-to-use Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) for movement around Milpitas that bypasses traffic with quick, point-to-point and fare-free rides." Our long-term Vision, however, extends worldwide: The LoopWorks PRT project inspires rapid adoption of advanced transit that dramatically reduces transportation sector emissions.

PRT delivers:

  • clean, quiet and responsive public transportation

  • automated service available 24 hours a day, rain or shine

  • personal comfort and safety at stations and in transit

  • construction and operating costs lower than comparable transit options

PRT has been technically and financially viable for the past 40 years, but institutional inertia and fear of political consequences has impeded progress. To reduce fear and avoid institutional resistance, LoopWorks will use 3 innovative strategies:

  1. Use a vehicle design that minimizes guideway size and markedly reduces cost.

  2. Adopt a California Mutual Benefit Corporation legal structure to provide flexibility and transparency unavailable through governmental, for-profit, and tax-exempt corporate structures.

  3. Seek gratis/free funding from foundations, investment groups, and government agencies (federal/state) for designing and building the system in order to minimize delay and ensure financial viability.


“Bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.” – Pachamama Alliance