LoopWorks Responds to Candidate Questions

LoopWorks is pursuing a promising solution to our Climate Crisis that also mitigates traffic congestion – Personal Rapid Transit (PRT). The proposed $60M public transit infrastructure will benefit Milpitas residents in many ways. So, candidates were asked about their level of support.

All 24 candidates vying to represent Milpitas residents in various government bodies were sent a link to the survey. Both the survey and the introductory emails included a link to a 4-minute video about the PRT project and LoopWorks – a video all Milpitas residents are encouraged to watch. Over 50% responded with support.

One candidate for MUSD Board, Rob Jung, invests for a living. From that perspective, he posed 3 challenges to the fiscal success of the proposed PRT system:

• Demonstrated customer demand

• A financial operating model that is sustainable.

• A funding proposal that is obtainable.

LoopWorks responded with in-depth answers showing that each challenge can be met gracefully. Anyone interested in the answer details is encouraged to read the full response at https://milpitasprt.com/wp-content/uploads/response-challenges.pdf

LoopWorks is a taxable non-profit mutual benefit corporation that is creating a smart transit system to serve the Metro Area around the Milpitas BART Transit Center using convenient and quick Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) technology. For more information, visit MilpitasPRT.com or email info@MilpitasPRT.com.


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