Personal Rapid Transit might be way of the future

[Guest column by Matthew Kennedy in Morgan Hill Life, June 30, 2021]
Cabs can also be summoned like an elevator when you press a button. And it operates 24 hours a day.

All around us, we can see the electrification of our transportation sector. Whether BART, light-rail transit, Teslas, or electric bikes and scooters, the shift away from fossil fuels is already happening.

In Milpitas, LoopWorks plans to extend the trend by creating a Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system for moving people around the Milpitas Metro/BART/Great Mall area. Think of it as a horizontal climate-controlled elevator that can accommodate up to four riders. Walk into one of the awaiting cabs, select your destination, and go there non-stop. People with bikes, baby buggies or baggage will simply roll them into the PRT cab when entering.

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