Comments on Milpitas Metro Specific Plan

Milpitas Metro Specific Plan comments from LoopWorks

On behalf of LoopWorks, I offer the following comments with the intention of supporting the mission/vision for the Milpitas Metro Specific Plan.

Around us, you can see the electrification of our transportation sector. Whether BART, LRT, Teslas, or electric bikes and scooters, the shift away from fossil fuels is already happening. LoopWorks will extend the trend. Think of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) like a horizontal elevator. Walk in, select your destination, and go there non-stop. People with bikes, baby buggies or baggage will simply roll them into the PRT cab when entering.

Because PRT represents outside-the-box thinking that is easily overlooked, it seems particularly important to remind the City of our intention to create a smart transit system to serve the Milpitas Metro Area. With 12 stations serving the area with 24/7 transit service, our $60M investment in transportation infrastructure will affect the area. Whether PRT plays a part in your planning is up to you. We are happy to do our part by providing extensive background information on our website:

Best regards,
Matt Kennedy

Matt Kennedy, LoopWorks President
1421 Yellowstone Ave, Milpitas, CA 95035
323-788-5865 Cell

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