PRT Station Design & Art Contest

LoopWorks and Milpitas High School teacher Paul Okoye (Green Design, Architecture) are offering students an opportunity to compete for an electric bike, a digital graphics device, and a 3rd prize of $200. The subject of the students’ work is any of the 12 stations proposed for the LoopWorks Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system planned for the Metro Area of Milpitas.

Like a horizontal elevator, PRT will transport people quickly and quietly from any of the 12 neighborhood stations to any of the others. The dual-loop system serving the area near the Transit Center is accessed through those stations. As such, it’s important that the stations reflect a style or motif welcoming to people living in the area – and in Milpitas generally. Designs created by students will serve the community in choosing station appearance as the project materializes.


Each contest submission shall depict a PRT station in 1 of the 12 locations shown on the LoopWorks map. Representations of the guideways and cabs shall approximate styles shown on this website. Each station is off-line, elevated, and must have stairs, a roof, and an electro-hydraulic elevator. (That elevator type has no hoist-way/cable structure above the elevator like the LRT elevator shown in the upper right-hand corner here). Minimum guideway turning radius is 20 feet (diameter = 40 ft). Stations may be outdoors or inside a building. PRT Hardware = guideway + chassis + cabin + station.


Prizes and Judging

Judging for the 3 prizes (1st prize is an e-bike, 2nd prize is a Wacom tablet, 3rd prize is $200) will be accomplished using ranked-choice voting by people involved in the project (art students, teacher, and LoopWorks liaisons). All contest submissions shall be considered as legally conveyed to LoopWorks with the understanding that any and all submissions may be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License.

First prize is a 350-watt, Smart Step folding e-bike from SONDORS Premium Electric Bikes, a company based in Malibu, California, that offers a range of high-quality, high-performance e-bikes. Second prize is a Wacom Intuos Pro – Medium pen tablet, and 3rd prize is $200.

Station #1

BART Transit Center – West

Station serves both BART and bus hub

Station #2

Great Mall – Entry 2 (South)

Station footprint can be 20' x 40', or the area of 4 parking spaces

Station #3

Trader Joe’s Market

West corner of Great Mall Pkwy & McCandless Drive

Station #4

City Park & Elementary School

Looking East from McCandless along the northern edge of the creek right of way (where the guideway will be located)

Station #5

Penitencia Creek – East Channel

Looking East from Montague Expressway along the northern edge of the creek right of way

Station #6

BART Transit Center – South

Southeast corner of BART station near Milpitas Blvd.

Station #7

Milpitas Blvd. & Gibraltar Drive

Northwest corner of the intersection near guideway running along the West side of Milpitas Blvd.

Station #8

Milpitas Blvd. & Yosemite Drive

Station at northwest corner (north of guideway heading West along Yosemite)

Station #9

Parc Metro East Park

The main guideway runs South along the eastern property line, but the station may be any place on the property (including near the restroom).

Station #10

Great Mall – Theater Plaza (North)

PRT guideway winds between buildings from rear parking lot (Dave & Buster's) before entering this plaza and continuing into the Mall's front parking lot.

Station #11

Main St. & Great Mall Pkwy (LRT)

The PRT guideway is 16' above the roadway, and the LRT railway is 25' above the roadway. 3' guideway plus 5' cab leaves 1' clearance. Station offers easy access to LRT.

Station #12

Main St. & Cedar Way (The Pines)

Station located on northwest corner to serve The Pines neighborhood.

PRT Station Design & Art Contest Winners

Top-ranked entries plus others with innovative ideas.

50 of the potential 105 voters actually voted. The ranked-choice voting (RCV) results can be found here.


1st prize winner: Jericho de Guzman

Note: although the glass elevator in the center of the station (surrounded by the spiral staircase) is not obvious, every PRT station will have an elevator.

2nd prize winner: Jackie Chiang

3rd prize winner: Brandon Seepersad

4th prize winner: Katrina Lima Guan

5th prize winners: Tyler Fabela & Troy Nguyen