The Defining Question

Candidate answers to this question determined their listing above.

Question #9: On the subject of the proposed dual-loop PRT system, how would you rate your support:

  • I have written a letter of support.
  • I endorse the MOU presented to the City by LoopWorks.
  • I support the project.
  • I am neutral on the PRT project. Reason: ____________________
  • I oppose the PRT project. Reason: _____________________
  • I decline to answer.
  • [No response received after multiple attempts.]

Answers to Open-Ended Questions

Should climate change be tackled at the local level? Why or why not?

Assemblymember Alex Lee: Yes; climate change needs to be tackled on every level: federal, state, local. Each layer has important ways to reduce carbon emissions.
Karina Dominguez:  Yes, we all have a responsibility to tackle climate change at all levels. As a local municipality, we must do everything that we can to help Mother Earth last for future generations. By implementing prevention and ways of eliminating emissions, we can play a huge role in tackling climate change.
Anthony Phan: Yes, it’s the greatest existential threat to our planet.
Dr. Ola Robert Hassan: Yes It should be tackled at local level. We should all get involved. We have all seen the effects of the Climate changes. I am a strong advocate of this. We need to save our planet at all cost to safe humanity.
Isaac Stringer: It is one of the most important issues that needs to be aggressively addressed.
Chris Norwood: Climate change must be addressed at all levels. Policies are enacted and done (or not) by the people.
Dipak Awasthi: Yes, we should do our bit to protect the planet for our future generations and not leave climate control for the future. Global warming shows the time is now.
Ritesh Tandon: Yes, less cars on road, less carbon emission.
Anu Nakka:  I believe climate change needs to be tackled at every level. It is a matter of our future generations existence. Every one must do their bit to help the environment. I support having special climate change classes/seminars to educate all residents of Milptas so they can take actions to save our planet.


What is your current impression of Personal Rapid Transit and LoopWorks?

Alex Lee: Very positive and optimistic!
Karina Dominguez: It’s a system to help residents from one point of town to another in an efficient way.
Dr. Ola Robert Hassan I strongly support the Personal Transit and Loopworks. It will help in saving our planet.
Anthony Phan:It’s ambitious in what it is trying accomplish.
Isaac Stringer: I am an enthusiastic supporter.
Chris Norwood: Conceptually it is a good idea and keeps the conversation focused on taking care of the environment, reducing carbon emissions and human footprint in needed areas.
Dipak Awasthi: It is a very ambitious plan to reduce carbon emission and help Milpitas commuters travel from one place to another.
Ritesh Tandon: I fully support. We can create pilot in Milpitas and expand to other cities.
Anu Nakka: I do support the project. It is innovative and much needed. I do believe demonstrating a sustainable financial operational model to make it a reality is missing.

Rob Jung: This is where I stand:

  • The concept is interesting and intriguing.
  • However, my top three challenges to the project are:
    • Demonstrated customer demand (i.e. what is the actual demand of a similar system, or do you have surveys that show the potential demand)
    • A financial operating model that is sustainable.
    • A funding proposal that is obtainable (i.e. I don't see any investors at the moment who would be willing to invest in the project because of the philanthropic ROI).

Candidates not supporting the Milpitas PRT Project

Candidates not listed above as supporting PRT nor here did not respond to repeated requests via email, phone call, and USPS letter. Here are candidates that indicated they are neutral or opposed.


[none as of Sept. 24, 2022]